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Finally I've got around to updating the page after a 6 Month gap

Sorry but due to work I've been unable to update this Page

Well the end of Last year I got my self another motorcycle,  Its a little 400cc job

It handles well but its not very fast (compared to my GSXR750)

Lloyd also got himself a little SRX 250

Taylor was more then eager to try them out

For Xmas Taylor and Emily got an out-ground pool from their Grandmother

They  love it (in the warmer months)

I've have a whole heap of photos from Xmas but I'll probably mail those out on CD if you like


as the above pictures are greater then 4 Months old I just shot out side with the digital camera and took these.  (Monday 7th May 2001 15:25)

As you can tell Taylor was not really interested



Yesterday Gill and I went parachuting, we have no photos of that unfortunately but our hight was 14000 feet with a 60sec free fall,   Gill loved it and is know contemplating taking it up. 

 (I've still got to get her on the Hang glider yet)


Well until the next page update all our love and wishing you the best from

Haydn , Gillian, Emily and Taylor