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Well week we celebrated Christmas early because mum's heading back to the UK to visit Nan on Tuesday,  for those who do not know Nan had a stroke last weeks


After our Xmas dinner Emily provided the singing entertainment of all

 the Xmas carols she knew . Then we done the present exchange


Taylor got a helping hand from Dad 

But Taylor insisted in doing it himself.


We all posed for a family photo

(The large camera does not work inside)

Taylor insisted on a photo by mum and dads fish pond (dam I moved)

On Wednesday last week Amanda gave birth to a little boy (Trent)

Trent Charles Harrison was  Born on Wednesday 13th December 2000 at 15.04. Weighing 7lb 3oz. Length 52.5cms.

What a beautiful new mum

What a proud dad


What a cutie  (Not you Clive, sorry mate Trent takes the cake)